January – Sleepless nights, fitness fails and a kitchen renovation

January in review

Well, I started this year with such good intentions! To say that I’ve failed to stick to my New Year’s resolutions this month is a little bit of an understatement – I actually haven’t even got around to making them!! This month has been CRAZY busy with the building work getting underway on our new kitchen/living area. We’re mainly living out of our hallway, which is a little challenging with two young kids…

But even more of a challenge this month has been our six month old, who has gone from being our ‘easy one’ to being, well, not easy at all…


Sleepless nights and fussy eating

Of course I love our little Harry so much, but I couldn’t possibly have talked about this month and left out the topic that has consumed most of our conversations – how to get him to sleep! Sleep in the day, sleep at night, just to sleep at some point! I’m not sure what’s happened, but all of a sudden we’ve found ourselves being woken up all night long – as in every 40 minutes some nights…

We stopped night feeds weeks ago, but this month has seen me reintroduce them, and sleep deprivation is also driving me to get Harry into bed with me come 5am most mornings. I know, I know – bad habits and all that, but we all know what it’s like when it gets to 4am and we just need to get some shut eye…

Feeding is also proving difficult at the moment. Some meals he’s fine (as long as he has a spoon to distract himself with), but most meals are spent trying to slip in mouthfuls in between fits of rage and fussiness. Finger foods hold his attention, but he’s still not really able to eat much that way, and he’s also hating on the bottle at the moment. So we’re in a bit of a vicious cycle of him not sleeping because he’s still hungry, or not feeding because he’s too tired.

I’m sure it’s just a phase that will pass but I honestly feel like my life’s on hold a little at the moment. Which brings me on to…

Joining the gym

It hasn’t been quite the fitness push that I was imagining this month, but I have at least joined the gym. I’ve found one with a crech that can have Harry and I figure I’ll also (try to) start swimming on a weekly basis. Okay, I may have only been once so far (see sub heading above!), but at least it’s a step in the right direction. Trying to fit exercise into life as a busy mum is half the challenge.

Our kitchen renovation

When I’m not obsessing over how to get more sleep, I can currently be found obsessing over our new kitchen. I can be pretty indecisive when there’s so much choice and literally changed my mind about the colour of our kitchen units the day before it went into production!

The builders however have made brilliant progress over the last two weeks. The wall has been taken down between what was our kitchen and the kids’ playroom and we now have a gigantic hole across the back of our house ready for our new glass doors.

We’re expecting the plasterers this week, and then we have a bit of a wait until our new doors are manufactured and ready to be fitted. We absolutely love the space though and I haven’t been as excited about a home project before as I am about this one. 

Slow cooker meals and box sets

Since we have no functional kitchen, I have fallen back in love with my old slow cooker. It has so many capabilities I never considered before and I’ve been cooking up all sorts of curries, stews and risottos this month. I can’t get enough of comfort recipes with the weather as crappy as it is. Pretty handy too that I can throw a couple of sweet potatoes in there for Harry!

Our evenings have mostly been spent hibernating. We’re loving El Chapo on Netflix at the moment, and we’re big into the BBC’s McMafiaYes, we seem to have an unhealthy obsession with gangsters and drug lords. 

Aside form that, I admit I’m still not over the gluttony of Christmas – whilst you lot are on health kicks, I’ve been working my way through all of those left over chocolates and cakes.

The New Year’s Resolutions will have to start in February.

Or as soon as I get some sleep 🙂

How has your January been? Hopefully it’s been far more productive and healthy than mine!

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    January 29, 2018 at 3:53 pm

    Seriously what is it with the 6 month mark! When my now 11 month old hit 6 months sleep just went out of the window. Unfortunately we are still struggling, I keep praying that tonight will be the night she’ll sleep better, I wonder when tonight will come. I sympathise with you completely!

    Soffy // themumaffairs.blogspot.com

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