10 pieces of pregnancy advice first time mums need to hear (Guest post)


With pregnancy comes a lot of change, not only physically but mentally too. It is important to go with the flow and to learn to accept this change and avoid the urge to resist it. You will receive a lot of advice along the way. Here’s 10 pieces of pregnancy advice that I wish I had received early on in my pregnancy…


Don’t compare yourself

Every woman’s pregnancy is different. Our genes, physical wellbeing and or the environment can dictate our pregnancy.

Some women will breeze through the 9 months with no complaints, while other women struggle both physically and mentally.

What ever your situation, it is important to remember that pregnancy is natural and our bodies are designed to carry children.

Trust your instinct

Women generally have great natural instinct.  Listen to your body and if you start to question your wellbeing or the development of your newborn child, contact your health care provider immediately.  It is far better to be safe than sorry.

Invest in quality maternity bras

Visit a maternity store early on in your pregnancy and invest in some good quality maternity bras that fit and provide good levels of support.  Good fitting bras are essential for good breast health and will help to eliminate premature sagging. 

At approx. 6 weeks of pregnancy you will notice a sudden increase in your breast size.  Your breasts will continue to grow for the next few months.  Invest in a few quality seamless bras for this stage.  They will stretch, support and grow with your changing body.

At approx. 3 months of pregnancy your breast growth will have stabilized.  Invest in 3-cupped sized bras.  Go and get re-fitted by a professional bra fitter, as your bust size and band size will be very different from that of the bras you wore before pregnancy.

TIP:  Your bra should be fitted to the tightest hook at this stage to allow for growth of your rib cage throughout the remainder of your pregnancy.

(A good bra will have no less than 6 hooks and eyes for adjustment)


Growing a small human inside of you takes a lot of energy.  You will often feel tired.  Listen to your body and rest when you need to.  Resting will help to recharge your batteries.

Regular Healthcare check ups

It is advised to contact your healthcare provider as soon as you find out you are pregnant.

Maintain regular visits to help ensure your pregnancy is progressing well.  This way your provider can alert you to any complications you may face along the way.

Eat well

Eating well will help to ensure both you and your growing child will receive enough nutrients to maintain good health.

A diet full of fresh fruit and vegetables, protein and low GI carbohydrates will help to maintain your energy levels and ensure good health.

Avoid too many processed foods.  They are full of artificial colours and flavours, sugar and salt, which will leave you feeling lethargic.



Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated.  Carry a bottle of water with you at all times to help ensure this happens.

TIP:  Avoid sugary drinks if possible.  They will leave you feeling lethargic and dehydrated.

Embrace your changing body

Your body goes through a tremendous amount of change during pregnancy.

Learn to love your body and embrace the change.

Eating healthy and keeping active will help to keep your weight gain at a healthy level.

Regular checks from your health care provider will help to monitor your weight gain.

Keep active

Keeping active during pregnancy is an integral part of your overall health. 

Maintaining a healthy body will help to keep your body strong.  A strong body is less likely to feel aches and pains and it will also help to assist in the process of labor.

Activities ideal for pregnant women are:  Swimming, walking, yoga, pilates and light weights.

TIP:  Always consult your healthcare provider first before taking on any fitness program. 

Be prepared

Use the 9 months of pregnancy to prepare and get ready for the birth of your child.

Being prepared means both physically and mentally.

Read and educate yourself.  The Internet is a wonderful resource and provides readers with a plethora of information at your fingertips.

Also, use the time to prepare the nursery, pack your hospital bag and write your birth plan.

Being organised will help to eliminate stress and promote a calm pregnancy.

Like many women out there, Tracey Montford is an exceptional multi-tasker! Apart from steering a global business, managing 2 young boys & keeping the clan clean and fed, Tracey still finds time to provide creative inspiration and direction to the exceptional designs of Cake Maternity. From the branding, presentation and delivery, creativity is a big part of what Tracey does so naturally and effectively. Find out more at https://uk.cakematernity.com or catch up with her on social @cakematernity

What pregnancy advice did you find helpful?

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