3 ways to transform your bedroom into a plush sanctuary

cosy bedroom

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, the one place in the entire house that should soothe you after a stressful day. It should be carefully curated to help you relax and unwind. If your sleeping space is currently falling short, here are three ways you can make your bedroom more cosy.

cosy bedroom

Rethink Your Lighting

Whether you realise it or not, lighting is one of the first things you notice when you walk into a room, and it can have a major influence on your mood. To help your room feel as cosy as possible, you’ll want to create a new lighting scene that features warm light, mimicking the low light of a warm winter fire. Two simple bedside lamps can easily accomplish this, or you can put the overhead lighting in the room on a dimmer switch for easy adjustment.

Create a Cosier Bed

A mattress topper can transform nearly any mattress into a plush cloud of comfort. The most popular options on the market are made of memory foam, down or down alternative, offering an ideal compromise of cosy comfort for even the firmest mattresses. Since the topper is simply a thin layer on top of the mattress, it won’t undermine the stability and other benefits of firm mattresses.

Next time you stay at a luxe hotel, pay attention to the bedding and you’ll likely find a mattress topper on that big fluffy bed. It’s an industry secret at some of the best five-star hotels and resorts around the world.

Add Plenty of Soft Details

Add a layer of softness to your bedroom with plenty of throw pillows and blankets. Warm up every seating and sleeping surface with at least one decorative pillow or drape a blanket on it, or do both.

throw for cosy bedroom

On the bed, you can achieve a nice balance of pillows by varying the size and fill material. Start with two sleeping pillows on each side, one filled with down feathers and another that has a firmer alternative-fiber fill. In front of those, use a pair of standard European-sized square pillows in a simple, solid-coloured sham. Next, use the decorative shams that match your bedding, followed by two to three smaller pillows in various shapes that feature complimentary colours or patterns. Fold a throw blanket in thirds and smooth it across the foot of the bed to complete this cosy, inviting look.

Look for soft detailing when choosing bedroom furniture as well. For instance, opt for an upholstered bed with plush tufted detailing. Select accent furniture, like a chair or chaise lounge, in a visibly soft material, like velvet or microsuede.

By incorporating soft, warm lighting, topping your bed with a new mattress topper and plush linens and adding plenty of soft accent decor elements around the room, your room can be transformed into a sanctuary of plush comfort. Be careful what you wish for though, this may make it all the more difficult to get out of your warm bed on those cold winter mornings!

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