Harry at 7 months old – Testing times and the best of times


We’ve had some challenges to overcome this month with a refusal to eat, restless nights and eczema that’s been difficult to get under control. Your weight has dropped again too and meal times have become something of a sport for us – where I battle to get food into your mouth and you battle to push it away!


It does feel like we’ve turned a corner this last week though, and I’m hoping that we’ve finally got you back on track – fingers crossed!! And despite all of these ‘problems’, you’ve never stopped smiling! So you’re never that difficult.

New Tricks

You want to get hold of everything now and you’re constantly searching for things to grab and explore. At 7 months old you’re fascinated by books and love us singing to you (we’ve started to go to Rythm Time this month).

You still haven’t mastered sitting up on your own although you’re getting stronger and more balanced with each passing week. And you’re still SO lazy when it comes to rolling! You have no interest in it whatsoever, unless I put you on your tummy which you hate and so you’ll instantly roll back onto your back.

You do want to be constantly moving though and you wriggle out of your bouncer or away from your play mat now. You LOVE your jumperoo and will stay in there for longer periods, jumping around to the music and giggling along.

Bathtimes have become CRAZY as you kick so much that we all get completely soaked! Taylor usually shares it with you now and spends most of the time trying to grab your feet to keep them still!


You’ve definitely been testing me this month and we went for a few weeks where you pretty much went off milk and solids altogether. You’d only have an ounce from every bottle I made and you’d clamp your lips shut every time a spoon came near it. You are loving exploring finger foods, but of course most of it ends up on the floor at the moment! I did wonder if you were just fussy, but you’d eat one thing one day and then refuse it the next – so it was difficult to get to the bottom of it.

You dropped to the bottom line of the growth chart and I ended up taking you to the doctors last week following a particularly challenging few days and nights.

However, these past few days have been much better and I’m hoping that you’ll have at least maintained your weight at your weigh in later today.

How you look

Whenever people spend time with you, they say you’re a lovely baby and really, you are. You are so receptive and sociable and will smile, gurgle and giggle for anyone who engages with you. You have bright blue curious eyes, rosy red cheeks and bright blonde fluffy hair.

You’re still pretty small, wearing 3-6 month clothes.

Unfortunately you suffer from atopic skin like your sister and it’s been pretty angry this month. It’s distressing to watch you agitated and I have to constantly keep your nails cut otherwise you cut open your skin when scratching. We’ve finally got on top of it with steroid creams and emollients, and I’m hoping you’ll grow out of it when you’re older.


Over the last few weeks you have started to regularly sleep through the night – yey! You go to bed at 7 and usually wake around 10pm when you’ll have another feed before I put you back down. You still wake up most nights one or two times, but your dummy settles you back down without a fuss.

Sometimes you wake up around 6am when I’ll bring you into our bed for cuddles and you always fall back to sleep until the rest of us are ready to get up. I love these moments so much, you’re such a little snuggler and seem so content when you’re close to me.


Watching the relationship grow between you and your big sister is so special. She adores you and is constantly fussing over you, trying to make you laugh and cuddling you. Sometimes she’s a little heavy handed, but you don’t seem to mind! Hands down she is the person who can make you laugh the most – you find her hilarious and watch everything she does.

When we go and pick her up from preschool she’s always so excited to see you. This morning when she first woke up she came into our bed and asked if you were okay. She kept talking about you falling down a hole and needing to hold your hand so you didn’t hurt yourself. I think it must’ve been a dream! She was happy to see you when you finally woke up!

Your Dad and I of course adore you and can’t get enough of your cheeky little face.

I couldn’t wish for any more. You complete our little family in so many ways.

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