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Time to discover fashion again

The other day I almost left the house with a pair of knickers tying up my hair. No joke. It’s not uncommon for me to use knickers to tie up my hair when showering (in the absence of a…

autumn winter high street fashion

Autumn/winter high street fashion picks

Now, I’m not purporting to be some kind of style icon here – as I write this sat is my two-year old Primark joggers and ‘Breaking Bad’ T-shirt (the same one I wore during labour) it feels ironic to…

Primark summer clothes for holiday

What did a girl do before Primark?

Twelve years ago when I went on my fist girls’ holiday at 18, I saved my Saturday earnings for weeks so that I could afford a Topshop wardrobe cool enough for Ibiza. Twelve years on it’s hard to remember…