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Finding our forever home – and moving to a new city

If you’ve been following this blog, you’ll know that we’ve been house hunting since selling our house in January. The decision to put our house on the market was a bit of an impulsive one, but it felt like the…

update your home for spring

Easy ways to update your home for spring

Is it me or has winter been going on forever this year? I’m actually a fan of winter, but I have to say I literally cannot wait for warmer days now and I’m feeling better with each daffodil shoot that…

de-clutter your home

5 ways to de-clutter your home (and organise your life!)

If you haven’t already, it’s time to embrace the new year by making some striking changes to your interiors. This means de-cluttering all the mess that’s left behind after 2016, sorting through what can be thrown away and making…

how to add a bespoke touch to your home

Unleash your inner designer: How to add a bespoke touch to your home

With dozens of interior design magazines lining the supermarket shelves, and home makeover programmes a dime a dozen on television these days, there’s never a shortage of inspiration for creating your dream home. But let’s face it, sometimes you…


Cosy up your home for autumn with Dunelm

I’ve been planning to add some cosy touches to our home now that it (finally) feels like autumn is here. Although I do love summer, I’m a big fan of autumn – it always feels like the start of something…

designing your family home

Designing your family home – things to think about

I think being house proud is something that comes with age – and of course, the responsibility and pride in owning your own home. I certainly was never house proud in my student days and my mum for one…