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Planning a Scandi-inspired living room

For me, the most exciting thing about moving into our new home this summer (fingers crossed all goes to plan!) are the endless interior projects I’ll soon have! As you can imagine, my Pinterest account is very active at…

designing your family home

Designing your family home – things to think about

I think being house proud is something that comes with age – and of course, the responsibility and pride in owning your own home. I certainly was never house proud in my student days and my mum for one…

pink living room update

Prettifying our living room with pink

I would describe my taste in interiors as quite masculine (not to stereotype or anything…) but I tend to go for more neutral colour schemes (stones, greys, whites) and don’t like anything too ‘fancy’. Don’t get me wrong, I…

living room accessories - copper, coral and blue

Living room accessories: copper, blue and coral

When we moved into our house 18 months ago the living room was one of the first rooms we tackled. Renovations included taking out the dated gas fireplace and replacing it with a wood burner (best decision ever), as…