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South Place Hotel London

A child-free London break at South Place Hotel

Since Taylor was born, I can count the nights (and early mornings!) we’ve spent without her on one hand. And with the arrival of baby number two fast approaching, I figured it was about time for a bit of…

autumn taste of the bay watergate bay hotel

Autumn Taste of the Bay at Watergate Bay Hotel

If your summer holiday is already feeling like a distant memory and you’re looking for a breakΒ this autumn, then look no further than Watergate Bay in Cornwall. Last year Mr M treated me to a birthday/pre-baby getaway at Watergate…

Taking baby abroad for the first time

Taking baby abroad for the first time

I know that some parents would feel a little reluctant to take a four month old baby on holiday – taking baby abroad and away from their routine, worrying about maintaining their temperature in a new climate and panicking…

Brunch in Dubai and the UAE review

Brunch in Dubai and the UAE

Anybody who knows anything about the UAE knows that they don’t do things by halves. From the world’s tallest building to the most luxurious hotel, the Emiratis pull out all of the stops when it comes to impressing the…