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Beaba Babycook review

Hassle-free weaning with BEABA Babycook

We were recently sent the Beaba Babycook to review. At three months, Harry’s not yet eating ‘solids’ but of course I was delighted to give it a test run! Weaning is one of my favourite milestones of the baby…

Mamas and Papas Baby Bud review

Review: Mamas and Papas Baby Bud

I’ve been meaning to write up my review of our Mamas and Papas Baby BudΒ for ages, but as seems to often be the case with ‘posts I’ve been meaning to write’, life got in the way. But I love…

12 family meals that double up as great baby food

12 family meals that double up as great baby food

When Taylor first started to wean I set about making every baby food recipe in Annabel Karmel’s Complete Meal Planner. Not really (how much time do you think I have??), but given the effortΒ that went into all that steaming,…

Brother Max Weaning Pots review

Review: Brother Max weaning pots

Taylor has been eyeing up our food for a while now, so when she hit 17 weeks I decided we were ready to embark of the great adventure that is weaning. Admittedly, the foodie in me was also quite…